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Wedding Checklist March 24, 2010

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What we’ve got:

1). A venue!

Grand Ballroom

2). A wonderful wedding planner.

3). An amazing photographer.

4). A dress that I immediately fell in love with.

5). Four bootiful bridesmaids, 2 of which are sarcastic-back-to-reality biatches, whereas the other 2 are super sweet and understanding girls. A perfect balance! And we’ve settled on the bridesmaids’ dress design. Now we just have to look for a decent tailor!

6). A hair and make-up dude.

7). Oh, and I suppose I should also check off “Understanding, kind, loving fiance” from my list…

And now, what we STILL need:

1). A decorator! I’ve looked at Nefi (too expensive! he starts at US$25K and goes up to US$200K. Agggh!!! worth checking out if you have that kind of money to blow though, which I so don’t ^_^”), Lotus (pretty, but still waiting on the proposal…), Lavender (not bad, also waiting for proposal…) SIGH! Any suggestions?

One of Nefi's fuschia-themed weddings.

2). Invitation cards. This is something I’m not willing to spend a whole lot of money on. Lately, Chinese-Indonesians have been getting increasingly excessive when it comes to wedding invites. Recently, my parents received a hardback notebook in the mail as a wedding invitation! If it were completely up to me (which it isn’t, it’s really up to my mom, I mean, really) my guests would get like… a postcard. Oh come on! Who keeps wedding invitations anyway?? Okay, I do. I stick ’em up on my bedroom wall, but I doubt most people do that. Even my parents throw away the really expensive wedding invites they get after they attend the wedding. It’s such a waste of money! Here is my idea of the perfect wedding invite, taken from Once Wed:

Cute, simple, and sincere.

3). An MC. But ehh, I’m not too worried about this.

4). A videographer. Actually, Dearest Fiance and I are just not sure if we need a videographer, given that we’re going to have 3 photographers at the wedding.

5). Wedding band/singers. Again, not too worried about this, although I would rather sign one up sooner than later…

6). Wedding rings. Methinks that this is something that DF and I can shop around for in London =) Finally, something I get to share with my DF! I want to engrave something silly on our rings… like “To my beloved cow, from your fat dragon” and vice versa…

7). Erm, a UK fiance visa. Yeah, yeah, I’ll take care of that soon-ish…

8). Wedding shoes. Apparently I need to get them before my first dress fitting, since the height of the heels would affect the length of the skirt. Sigh! I played around with the thought of choosing flats, but then I recalled that two of my bridesmaids are freakishly tall…

(She’s the one in red, I’m in the middle.)

(I’m wearing heels, and my updo only reaches up to the top of her head.)

So there. I should have chosen dwarves as my bridesmaids, but ah well! Sacrifices would have to be made! Heels it is then! But since nothing ruins a good day like a pair of achy feet, perhaps these are to be the answer after all…

Wedding sneaks to the rescue!

Or not. We shall see…

9). A prenup. To have or not to have? DF and I are still undecided. Opinions?

10). Honeymoon plans. Where to go and how long to stay? Suggestions?

11). Pre-wedding photography. This is a very Asian thing to have. Apparently it is very important to have pre-wedding shots so that they can be displayed all over the ballroom on the day of the wedding. But ehhh, it sounds like just another money drain to me… and plus, DF always gets this constipated expression on his face once a camera’s aimed in his general direction. I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on pictures where I’m looking good (as usual, ahem!) and he’s looking like he reaaaaaally needs to go potty but there’s no toilet nearby!!! I’d much rather use the candid pictures we’ve collected over the past year… they mean a lot more to us than a bunch of posed pictures, but everyone’s been telling me that they are waaay too casual to be on display. Hmmh. Sigh! I might have to put my foot down on this, thus reinforcing the bridezilla status that I have already garnered amongst my family members. Oh well!

12). A guest list. I don’t even know where to begin. Supposedly my parents are going to invite 1000 people. Good luck with that, folks.

13). A wedding day time-table. Wtf’s supposed to happen on wedding days anyway? So in the morning there’s the holy ceremony, okay, and then what? What happens in between the ceremony and the reception? If the holy ceremony starts at say, 10 am and ends at noon, then there’s like… a 5-hour break in between. How weird! I need like an hourly break-down of exactly what is supposed to be happening! I should really be a wedding planner. I had no idea how anal I was until I started planning this stupid wedding.

14). Wedding vows. Ho hum. I’ll probably end up writing DF’s vows (not because I’m a control-freak, but because he’ll forget them… =P)

15). Everything else.

Gosh, just thinking about all these things makes me so tired! Time for a nap~!