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Invitations, Shminvitations~ March 25, 2010

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I don’t get the point of sending out wedding invites in Jakarta. Don’t get me wrong, I think snail invites are cute, and I make a point of saving the invites that I get, but the thing with Indonesian weddings is…

1). You need at least 500 invitation cards. Most vendors start at around $1.60 and the average card design costs more than $2. This means that the invitation cards alone are gonna cost you at least $1,000.

2). Also, let’s not forget about FACE. Yes, in Indonesia, people care about face, i.e. reputation. Softcover cards are SO yesterday. You know what that means? That means cards costing below $2 are SO yesterday, because for TODAY, you’re gonna need to spend $4 x 500 hardcover, embossed cards with a crystal brooch attached to the envelope, which means that you’re suddenly down by $2,000.

3). Nobody invites just 500 people. Most weddings in Indonesia have more than 1000 guests. Mine is capped at 1,200, and every vendor I’ve been to goes, “Ah, only 1,200 guests? Small wedding then!” I would have to have around 700 invitation cards, which means that at $4 x 700… I’ve just paid $2,800 for something that no one would even bother keeping.

Sigh! So today was spent trundling around the city looking for non-ugly, affordable invitation cards… because no matter how much sense I make, my dear parents won’t allow me to invite everyone through Blackberry Messenger. Such is life!

The first vendor I met had such pretty, pretty cards.

And you thought I was kidding about the crystal brooch...

I am so torn about this card. On one hand, I think it's a pretty cool idea. On the other hand, besides their parents, who's gonna have room on their desk to keep this card around???

If Juicy Couture were to start making wedding invites...

The whole She-bang for the lazy-ass couple who can't be bothered to write Thank-you notes.

The DF said this looks like "a quilted toilet paper", but I think he's just being bitter.

It was indeed the haute couture of cards. I was effin’ impressed. I mean, I was so impressed that I’m not even going to slam them, because I think you actually get your money’s worth with these babies. So if you’ve got like an extra $2,000 to blow on your wedding, by all means, take a trip down to this vendor. (Drop me a line if you want the store’s address… they didn’t allow me to take pictures, so this is like, illegal or something.)

But something I don’t get is why invitation cards have been getting lengthier and lengthier. What happened to the good old days where cards are simply two-fold and you get one side saying “You are cordially invited to so-and-so’s wedding” and the other side telling you when and where it is?? Nowadays, cards always have to open with some soppy love poem or a frickin’ verse about love from the Bible. I mean, seriously, what is up with that?? I really can’t see anybody reading some cliched Bible verse and going, “Awww, this is SO Jesse and Mike!” And for some reason, people seem to choose the same verse over and over again. SURELY the whole purpose of spending extra cash on your invites is because you want it to be extra special. Why ruin it by sticking some generic bible verse in there??

SIGH! I so need to be a wedding planner…

ANYWAYS. The first vendor was obviously way too pricey for yours truly, but not to worry… after a whole afternoon spent trundling across the city, I finally found the perfect vendor. (Once again, drop me a line for their contact…) The cards they have on display are non-ugly and start at 60cents per card, and I can even design my own card and have it embossed and shit!

Although… now that I think about it… this sounds suspiciously like extra work. DAMN I’m tired.

What would you put in your wedding invite?