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Pics I love =) March 29, 2010

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Haven’t had much to do in terms of wedding planning the past few days as my Wedding Planner was away the whole of last week. To be honest I was grateful for a chance to take a breather from the whirlwind of wedding planning, but of course, now that she’s back in town, I am starting to feel the itch to jump in again! Tomorrow we’re meeting up to talk about the MC and the entertainers, and hopefully she will have some info on more decorators, since that is my main worry for now… but anyways, since I can’t seem to stay away from anything remotely wedding-related nowadays, here are some of my favourite wedding piccies!!!

1). Bride leaving her parents’ home… by Marsio Juwono.

I can only hope that I will to learn to cry as prettily as she does, but no... always, always, the snot comes first, then the tears.

I love this picture for so many reasons. The DF did not understand when I told him that brides tend to cry on the day of the wedding… and her family would usually cry too. He kept saying, “But it’s such a happy occasion!!! Wouldn’t you be happy to marry me???” And I guess I didn’t do a very good job of explaining that although the bride and her family are happy too, it’s more of a bittersweet emotion because in Asian culture most kids would stay with their parents even after university… and marriage is the first time they would leave their parents’ home for good, so it’s a goodbye as well as a wedding. He didn’t get it until I showed him this picture. THEN he was like, “Oh. I get it now.”

Duh. =_=

2). Picture of same bride with bridesmaids… by Marsio Juwono.

She is such a ridiculously pretty bride!!!

Two reasons why I love this one! First, because she looks sooooo sincerely happy! And second, because once again, it helped me explain the wide spectrum of emotions that women go through on their wedding day to my clueless DF. It was like a picture book! “See honey, she’s sad to leave her parents… BUT!!! She is VERY happy to get married!!! Uhuh, it’s possible to like, feel more than one emotion at a time!!!”

3). Buddhist-Catholic ceremony… by Marsio Juwono.

She's carrying joss sticks in a cathedral!!!!

I’ve heard of too many weddings getting cancelled because of clashing religions. The fact that this couple was able to settle on a compromise that they’re both happy with… *happy sigh!!!!*

4). Flower girl fussing over dress… by Soemario. (My photographer!!)

Awww, lil angel... your hands better be clean kiddo!!!!!

Oh, flower girls. There are simply no words. The thing that makes flower girls so cute is that they never do their job right. I was a flower girl once, when I was about 5 or 6, at my poor cousin’s wedding. I didn’t know what was going on, except that I felt TOTALLY AWESOME. I was wearing this super frilly dress and everyone kept telling me how FUCKING PRECIOUS YOU LOOK OMG YOU ARE SO DAMNED CUTE!!!!!!! When it came time for me to make my grand entrance, I walked as sloooooooowly as I could. I’d take one step and stop to take a single petal and lay it on the ground with my pinky finger sticking out. Obviously when I reached the stage my basket was still full. So then I just dumped everything on the floor. But you know what, everyone LOVED it. They thought it was soooo cute that I was a bloody idiot. And that’s the thing. When you’re a chubby little girl in a frilly dress, EEEEEVERYTHING you do is super amazingly adorable. I should get like five of them.

Ah, the DF is home and it’s time for us to Skype, so more pics next time! ❤


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