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Oh Beautiful Frustration! March 23, 2010

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Once upon a time, a cow and a dragon met and decided they really liked each other. Then they decided that they love each other. Then they decided to get hitched. So Dragon bought Cow a beautiful conflict-free diamond ring and hid it in a Kinder egg for Cow to find. Cow was so happy to be Mrs. Dragon-to-be! Of course she said YES!

And that was how all this shit began.

Dragon and I have always been this easy-going couple. We met in Oxford, UK, when I was on my Masters course and he was (and still is) working as a postdoc on some laser-physics-neuroscience thing. Once we started our relationship, we quickly developed a comfortable routine: I’d write in the daytime, he’d be working on his laser thingy, and we’d meet when he knocked off at 5pm and walk hand-in-hand to Sainsbury’s, where we’d get ingredients for that night’s dinner. Dragon has a slap-bang way of cooking, where he’d slap together the most random ingredients, such as penne pasta and tom yam paste, and fry up the most delicious plate of home-cookedpasta I’ve ever had! I’d add slices of cheddar to my tom yam flavoured pasta, which he thought was the most disgusting thing ever, but you know, that’s the kind of relationship we had in Oxford; there were very few rules and we were relaxed around each other, except when we were playing on his xBox, which was when things tended to get nasty.

Anyways, after my Masters course ended, I had to go back to Indonesia because my parents are Asian and never hesitate to use the “you-don’t-know-how-much-longer-we’ll-be-around-don’t-you-want-to-spend-more-time-with-us” card. So here I am in Indonesia with my over-bearing parents, and there Dragon is, still stuck in Oxford with his lasers. Against all common sense, we’ve chosen to stick with the relationship and, to the horror of both of our families, get married.


Well, don’t get me wrong. My family thinks Dragon is a great guy. They just hate the fact that he isn’t a Chinese-Indonesian because they’re scared that he’s going to whisk me away to England after marriage and then they’ll never get to see their dearest cow again. And Dragon’s family is horrified by the prospect of marriage for exactly the same reason.

SO! The date for this very happy day is the 22nd of October, 2010 (save the date, folks!), and the venue will be Hotel Mulia. Yes. Jakarta. Not Oxford. I know. This is why the blog is called “Bridecowzilla”, not “Groomzilla”. Because Dragon is sweet and has agreed to have the most important day of his life in Jakarta, a city which he hates like no other. I am a lucky cow indeed!

Except that Dragon is a dumbass who is giving his Cow high blood pressure.

Planning a wedding is tough. Planning a wedding with your fiance on the other side of the planet is even worse. The thing is, after every fight, we like to hug and make up. With a long-distance relationship, after every fight, we… make up. Over gchat or Skype, depending on which one’s available. And cows love to smell shit. I used to sniff Dragon all the time. Now I only have a stinky shirt that he left behind (which he said hasn’t been washed for years…) which kinda only smells a little bit like him and smells more of… onions. Errrrggghhh.

But despite all this crap, we’re still hanging in there… only 7 more months to go!!! Yaaaaay!!!…. /cry.

Ah well, I’m pooped and Dragon’s nagging at me to go to sleep, so bed it is then! More about what we’ve actually got for the wedding tomorrow!


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  1. ha! Very adorable. Can’t wait to read more! xo!!

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