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Sorry WordPress… March 30, 2010

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After hearing so many wonderful things about you, I decided to have my bridal blog here, but ah well, turns out my heart belongs to Blogspot after all. Nothing personal you see, just that Blogspot and I have so much history together…

This blog is being moved to Sorry for the inconvenience!!


Pics I love =) March 29, 2010

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Haven’t had much to do in terms of wedding planning the past few days as my Wedding Planner was away the whole of last week. To be honest I was grateful for a chance to take a breather from the whirlwind of wedding planning, but of course, now that she’s back in town, I am starting to feel the itch to jump in again! Tomorrow we’re meeting up to talk about the MC and the entertainers, and hopefully she will have some info on more decorators, since that is my main worry for now… but anyways, since I can’t seem to stay away from anything remotely wedding-related nowadays, here are some of my favourite wedding piccies!!!

1). Bride leaving her parents’ home… by Marsio Juwono.

I can only hope that I will to learn to cry as prettily as she does, but no... always, always, the snot comes first, then the tears.

I love this picture for so many reasons. The DF did not understand when I told him that brides tend to cry on the day of the wedding… and her family would usually cry too. He kept saying, “But it’s such a happy occasion!!! Wouldn’t you be happy to marry me???” And I guess I didn’t do a very good job of explaining that although the bride and her family are happy too, it’s more of a bittersweet emotion because in Asian culture most kids would stay with their parents even after university… and marriage is the first time they would leave their parents’ home for good, so it’s a goodbye as well as a wedding. He didn’t get it until I showed him this picture. THEN he was like, “Oh. I get it now.”

Duh. =_=

2). Picture of same bride with bridesmaids… by Marsio Juwono.

She is such a ridiculously pretty bride!!!

Two reasons why I love this one! First, because she looks sooooo sincerely happy! And second, because once again, it helped me explain the wide spectrum of emotions that women go through on their wedding day to my clueless DF. It was like a picture book! “See honey, she’s sad to leave her parents… BUT!!! She is VERY happy to get married!!! Uhuh, it’s possible to like, feel more than one emotion at a time!!!”

3). Buddhist-Catholic ceremony… by Marsio Juwono.

She's carrying joss sticks in a cathedral!!!!

I’ve heard of too many weddings getting cancelled because of clashing religions. The fact that this couple was able to settle on a compromise that they’re both happy with… *happy sigh!!!!*

4). Flower girl fussing over dress… by Soemario. (My photographer!!)

Awww, lil angel... your hands better be clean kiddo!!!!!

Oh, flower girls. There are simply no words. The thing that makes flower girls so cute is that they never do their job right. I was a flower girl once, when I was about 5 or 6, at my poor cousin’s wedding. I didn’t know what was going on, except that I felt TOTALLY AWESOME. I was wearing this super frilly dress and everyone kept telling me how FUCKING PRECIOUS YOU LOOK OMG YOU ARE SO DAMNED CUTE!!!!!!! When it came time for me to make my grand entrance, I walked as sloooooooowly as I could. I’d take one step and stop to take a single petal and lay it on the ground with my pinky finger sticking out. Obviously when I reached the stage my basket was still full. So then I just dumped everything on the floor. But you know what, everyone LOVED it. They thought it was soooo cute that I was a bloody idiot. And that’s the thing. When you’re a chubby little girl in a frilly dress, EEEEEVERYTHING you do is super amazingly adorable. I should get like five of them.

Ah, the DF is home and it’s time for us to Skype, so more pics next time! ❤


Invitations, Shminvitations~ March 25, 2010

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I don’t get the point of sending out wedding invites in Jakarta. Don’t get me wrong, I think snail invites are cute, and I make a point of saving the invites that I get, but the thing with Indonesian weddings is…

1). You need at least 500 invitation cards. Most vendors start at around $1.60 and the average card design costs more than $2. This means that the invitation cards alone are gonna cost you at least $1,000.

2). Also, let’s not forget about FACE. Yes, in Indonesia, people care about face, i.e. reputation. Softcover cards are SO yesterday. You know what that means? That means cards costing below $2 are SO yesterday, because for TODAY, you’re gonna need to spend $4 x 500 hardcover, embossed cards with a crystal brooch attached to the envelope, which means that you’re suddenly down by $2,000.

3). Nobody invites just 500 people. Most weddings in Indonesia have more than 1000 guests. Mine is capped at 1,200, and every vendor I’ve been to goes, “Ah, only 1,200 guests? Small wedding then!” I would have to have around 700 invitation cards, which means that at $4 x 700… I’ve just paid $2,800 for something that no one would even bother keeping.

Sigh! So today was spent trundling around the city looking for non-ugly, affordable invitation cards… because no matter how much sense I make, my dear parents won’t allow me to invite everyone through Blackberry Messenger. Such is life!

The first vendor I met had such pretty, pretty cards.

And you thought I was kidding about the crystal brooch...

I am so torn about this card. On one hand, I think it's a pretty cool idea. On the other hand, besides their parents, who's gonna have room on their desk to keep this card around???

If Juicy Couture were to start making wedding invites...

The whole She-bang for the lazy-ass couple who can't be bothered to write Thank-you notes.

The DF said this looks like "a quilted toilet paper", but I think he's just being bitter.

It was indeed the haute couture of cards. I was effin’ impressed. I mean, I was so impressed that I’m not even going to slam them, because I think you actually get your money’s worth with these babies. So if you’ve got like an extra $2,000 to blow on your wedding, by all means, take a trip down to this vendor. (Drop me a line if you want the store’s address… they didn’t allow me to take pictures, so this is like, illegal or something.)

But something I don’t get is why invitation cards have been getting lengthier and lengthier. What happened to the good old days where cards are simply two-fold and you get one side saying “You are cordially invited to so-and-so’s wedding” and the other side telling you when and where it is?? Nowadays, cards always have to open with some soppy love poem or a frickin’ verse about love from the Bible. I mean, seriously, what is up with that?? I really can’t see anybody reading some cliched Bible verse and going, “Awww, this is SO Jesse and Mike!” And for some reason, people seem to choose the same verse over and over again. SURELY the whole purpose of spending extra cash on your invites is because you want it to be extra special. Why ruin it by sticking some generic bible verse in there??

SIGH! I so need to be a wedding planner…

ANYWAYS. The first vendor was obviously way too pricey for yours truly, but not to worry… after a whole afternoon spent trundling across the city, I finally found the perfect vendor. (Once again, drop me a line for their contact…) The cards they have on display are non-ugly and start at 60cents per card, and I can even design my own card and have it embossed and shit!

Although… now that I think about it… this sounds suspiciously like extra work. DAMN I’m tired.

What would you put in your wedding invite?


Wedding Checklist March 24, 2010

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What we’ve got:

1). A venue!

Grand Ballroom

2). A wonderful wedding planner.

3). An amazing photographer.

4). A dress that I immediately fell in love with.

5). Four bootiful bridesmaids, 2 of which are sarcastic-back-to-reality biatches, whereas the other 2 are super sweet and understanding girls. A perfect balance! And we’ve settled on the bridesmaids’ dress design. Now we just have to look for a decent tailor!

6). A hair and make-up dude.

7). Oh, and I suppose I should also check off “Understanding, kind, loving fiance” from my list…

And now, what we STILL need:

1). A decorator! I’ve looked at Nefi (too expensive! he starts at US$25K and goes up to US$200K. Agggh!!! worth checking out if you have that kind of money to blow though, which I so don’t ^_^”), Lotus (pretty, but still waiting on the proposal…), Lavender (not bad, also waiting for proposal…) SIGH! Any suggestions?

One of Nefi's fuschia-themed weddings.

2). Invitation cards. This is something I’m not willing to spend a whole lot of money on. Lately, Chinese-Indonesians have been getting increasingly excessive when it comes to wedding invites. Recently, my parents received a hardback notebook in the mail as a wedding invitation! If it were completely up to me (which it isn’t, it’s really up to my mom, I mean, really) my guests would get like… a postcard. Oh come on! Who keeps wedding invitations anyway?? Okay, I do. I stick ’em up on my bedroom wall, but I doubt most people do that. Even my parents throw away the really expensive wedding invites they get after they attend the wedding. It’s such a waste of money! Here is my idea of the perfect wedding invite, taken from Once Wed:

Cute, simple, and sincere.

3). An MC. But ehh, I’m not too worried about this.

4). A videographer. Actually, Dearest Fiance and I are just not sure if we need a videographer, given that we’re going to have 3 photographers at the wedding.

5). Wedding band/singers. Again, not too worried about this, although I would rather sign one up sooner than later…

6). Wedding rings. Methinks that this is something that DF and I can shop around for in London =) Finally, something I get to share with my DF! I want to engrave something silly on our rings… like “To my beloved cow, from your fat dragon” and vice versa…

7). Erm, a UK fiance visa. Yeah, yeah, I’ll take care of that soon-ish…

8). Wedding shoes. Apparently I need to get them before my first dress fitting, since the height of the heels would affect the length of the skirt. Sigh! I played around with the thought of choosing flats, but then I recalled that two of my bridesmaids are freakishly tall…

(She’s the one in red, I’m in the middle.)

(I’m wearing heels, and my updo only reaches up to the top of her head.)

So there. I should have chosen dwarves as my bridesmaids, but ah well! Sacrifices would have to be made! Heels it is then! But since nothing ruins a good day like a pair of achy feet, perhaps these are to be the answer after all…

Wedding sneaks to the rescue!

Or not. We shall see…

9). A prenup. To have or not to have? DF and I are still undecided. Opinions?

10). Honeymoon plans. Where to go and how long to stay? Suggestions?

11). Pre-wedding photography. This is a very Asian thing to have. Apparently it is very important to have pre-wedding shots so that they can be displayed all over the ballroom on the day of the wedding. But ehhh, it sounds like just another money drain to me… and plus, DF always gets this constipated expression on his face once a camera’s aimed in his general direction. I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on pictures where I’m looking good (as usual, ahem!) and he’s looking like he reaaaaaally needs to go potty but there’s no toilet nearby!!! I’d much rather use the candid pictures we’ve collected over the past year… they mean a lot more to us than a bunch of posed pictures, but everyone’s been telling me that they are waaay too casual to be on display. Hmmh. Sigh! I might have to put my foot down on this, thus reinforcing the bridezilla status that I have already garnered amongst my family members. Oh well!

12). A guest list. I don’t even know where to begin. Supposedly my parents are going to invite 1000 people. Good luck with that, folks.

13). A wedding day time-table. Wtf’s supposed to happen on wedding days anyway? So in the morning there’s the holy ceremony, okay, and then what? What happens in between the ceremony and the reception? If the holy ceremony starts at say, 10 am and ends at noon, then there’s like… a 5-hour break in between. How weird! I need like an hourly break-down of exactly what is supposed to be happening! I should really be a wedding planner. I had no idea how anal I was until I started planning this stupid wedding.

14). Wedding vows. Ho hum. I’ll probably end up writing DF’s vows (not because I’m a control-freak, but because he’ll forget them… =P)

15). Everything else.

Gosh, just thinking about all these things makes me so tired! Time for a nap~!


Oh Beautiful Frustration! March 23, 2010

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Once upon a time, a cow and a dragon met and decided they really liked each other. Then they decided that they love each other. Then they decided to get hitched. So Dragon bought Cow a beautiful conflict-free diamond ring and hid it in a Kinder egg for Cow to find. Cow was so happy to be Mrs. Dragon-to-be! Of course she said YES!

And that was how all this shit began.

Dragon and I have always been this easy-going couple. We met in Oxford, UK, when I was on my Masters course and he was (and still is) working as a postdoc on some laser-physics-neuroscience thing. Once we started our relationship, we quickly developed a comfortable routine: I’d write in the daytime, he’d be working on his laser thingy, and we’d meet when he knocked off at 5pm and walk hand-in-hand to Sainsbury’s, where we’d get ingredients for that night’s dinner. Dragon has a slap-bang way of cooking, where he’d slap together the most random ingredients, such as penne pasta and tom yam paste, and fry up the most delicious plate of home-cookedpasta I’ve ever had! I’d add slices of cheddar to my tom yam flavoured pasta, which he thought was the most disgusting thing ever, but you know, that’s the kind of relationship we had in Oxford; there were very few rules and we were relaxed around each other, except when we were playing on his xBox, which was when things tended to get nasty.

Anyways, after my Masters course ended, I had to go back to Indonesia because my parents are Asian and never hesitate to use the “you-don’t-know-how-much-longer-we’ll-be-around-don’t-you-want-to-spend-more-time-with-us” card. So here I am in Indonesia with my over-bearing parents, and there Dragon is, still stuck in Oxford with his lasers. Against all common sense, we’ve chosen to stick with the relationship and, to the horror of both of our families, get married.


Well, don’t get me wrong. My family thinks Dragon is a great guy. They just hate the fact that he isn’t a Chinese-Indonesian because they’re scared that he’s going to whisk me away to England after marriage and then they’ll never get to see their dearest cow again. And Dragon’s family is horrified by the prospect of marriage for exactly the same reason.

SO! The date for this very happy day is the 22nd of October, 2010 (save the date, folks!), and the venue will be Hotel Mulia. Yes. Jakarta. Not Oxford. I know. This is why the blog is called “Bridecowzilla”, not “Groomzilla”. Because Dragon is sweet and has agreed to have the most important day of his life in Jakarta, a city which he hates like no other. I am a lucky cow indeed!

Except that Dragon is a dumbass who is giving his Cow high blood pressure.

Planning a wedding is tough. Planning a wedding with your fiance on the other side of the planet is even worse. The thing is, after every fight, we like to hug and make up. With a long-distance relationship, after every fight, we… make up. Over gchat or Skype, depending on which one’s available. And cows love to smell shit. I used to sniff Dragon all the time. Now I only have a stinky shirt that he left behind (which he said hasn’t been washed for years…) which kinda only smells a little bit like him and smells more of… onions. Errrrggghhh.

But despite all this crap, we’re still hanging in there… only 7 more months to go!!! Yaaaaay!!!…. /cry.

Ah well, I’m pooped and Dragon’s nagging at me to go to sleep, so bed it is then! More about what we’ve actually got for the wedding tomorrow!